PayPal Bingo – The Safest and most Trusted Payment Method

Whether you want to buy that brand new pair of shoes, book concert tickets or even do your weekly shop online, PayPal is what you are most likely going to use if PayPal’s mega 415 million customers a year is anything to go by!

Top 5 Bingo Sites that Accept Paypal:

Tasty Bingo

Packed with options when talking about bonuses, Tasty Bingo allows you to get a wonderful 200% welcome bonus available for deposits worth between £5 and £100. Exciting games, cool promotions & huge jackpot prizes up to £500 await you!!

Bingo Street

The spirit of community lives on at Bingo Street. Begin with a 200% welcome bonus playing 5 line 75 and 90 ball games. Hundreds of pounds given away per week!! Today is your chance to grab em’!!

Wink Bingo

When you make your first deposit at Wink, you get an instant 200% welcome bonus. Spin the Wheel after receiving your bonus and get anywhere between 15 to 1,000 GBP!! WIN it now!

Bingo Hollywood

Shine today at Bingo Hollywood & get a MASSIVE 300% completely yours!! Get 1,000 Star Points and a reload bonus of 75% on all future deposits you make and bag a jackpot prize up to £20K!! Grab it today!

According to statistics, roughly half of the players use PayPal bingo – and this number is steadily growing as more and more bingo sites start to accept this as a method of payment. But why do so many people go for PayPal bingo sites?

They trust PayPal

Not only is PayPal a globally recognised name and so trusted all over the world, they do this extremely established reputation justice by offering online consumers not just a completely free account but they also have some terrific advice on their website that will keep you even safer online. They are experts in the field of paying for anything online securely and privately and share their own tips for keeping yourself protected whilst also protecting you themselves! With a free PayPal account comes free account protection, free withdrawals and of course they do not charge you for using their services to pay for anything online. As soon as your account is up and running and you have input your credit or debit card details just once, you will never, ever have to do this again. All you need from them on to deposit at bingo sites that take PayPal is your email address and password that you yourself registered with bingo PayPal – it really is that simple! Seeing as the majority of bingo fans love to join and deposit at more than one site, choosing PayPal to deposit is absolutely vital as you have complete control over who sees your private details – just PayPal! This of course virtually eliminates the chances of your details ever being abused because they have fallen into the wrong hands.

Are there other bingo payment methods?

Where there is bingo PayPal there are other companies trying to outdo them, which is why you will find that more and more PayPal-like depositing methods are cropping up all over the place. Things like Entropay bingo popped up on the back of the popularity of PayPal bingo and these almost exactly like PayPal except it’s a pre-paid virtual Visa card. Then you have things like Barclays which lets you transfer your funds straight from your bank. It’s the Paysafecard and UKash that could possibly steal the crown from PayPal, however!

Paysafecard bingo sites and UKash work exactly the same way: you find a brick and mortar retail outlet that offers this service and exchange cash for a PIN number (paysafecard) or Voucher Number (UKash) and then you simply input these numbers when you want to deposit at your fave bingo site. Naturally these 2 things stand to be even safer than PayPal because you literally NEVER have to input your details online to deposit, so why is PayPal still the safest and most trusted method of payment for online bingo?

There are 2 reasons for this. The first is that it is far more inconvenient to go and find a Paysafecard or UKash pay point – plain and simple. The second is simply the PayPal name – it IS so trusted and it IS so established and it is unlikely that any other method of payment is going to hit the success of PayPal bingo sites anytime soon.

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